Jennifer Letchet Paintings

My work explores fundamental elements of painting, the relationship between colour and line. I intend my paintings to affect the viewer optically with the illusion of shapes moving and receding. Colour theory is very important to my work. I use specific hues to symbolise ideas or emotions. The contained shapes on canvases seem more like objects than lines. My recent work explores natural and man-made disasters and the impact this has on our environment. I want to record the changing landscape through simplified shapes and colours.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

New Era: New Studio

Last month I moved into my new studio. This first month has gone so fast, I can't believe I haven't written about it yet. In between moving in, sanding, prepping and painting the walls, organising my space and buying new materials, I must admit I've only produced a few pieces as I essentially settle in.

No. 27, that's me. A fairly decent sized space in ASC's studio near Elephant & Castle in London. It was previously a kitchen so it fortunately has lots of storage including a walk in cupboard and my very own sink for when I'm feeling anti-social!

This is the space on moving in day! Nice and sparce, and a bit grubby. But after filling in a few holes and building my hobbit sized desk... is starting to look a bit more usable and lived in.

Now the work begins! I'm very excited as it's been a long way coming since finishing my MA and PGCert.

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