Jennifer Letchet Paintings

My work explores fundamental elements of painting, the relationship between colour and line. I intend my paintings to affect the viewer optically with the illusion of shapes moving and receding. Colour theory is very important to my work. I use specific hues to symbolise ideas or emotions. The contained shapes on canvases seem more like objects than lines. My recent work explores natural and man-made disasters and the impact this has on our environment. I want to record the changing landscape through simplified shapes and colours.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Kew Gardens: Introducing Craft 16.08.14

During my year out of the studio, I created some drawings at home, but mostly I started learning new crafts from sewing, quilting, making pom poms to rug making.  Admittedly I was planning my wedding, so I was up to my ears in making bunting and lavender stuffed fabric hearts, but I did enjoy learning new skills and it has started an appreciation for all things crafty.

I saw these crochet covered trees in Kew Gardens during a recent visit.  Due to the scale of the crochet, the haphazard patterns and colour combinations and the lack of twee functionality [cushions or bags etc.] you start to view the piece as art.  The tree stops being part of the gardens as it becomes encompassed by colour, texture and geometry.  

Can craft ascend into art?  Does the very materials and process of making craft confine it to a stereotype of all things retro, vintage and homemade?  I don't think so, craft is looked down upon as the less worthy creations to call itself an art form.  However, whether you use a paint brush or knitting needle, if if it is without function it can be art.

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