Jennifer Letchet Paintings

My work explores fundamental elements of painting, the relationship between colour and line. I intend my paintings to affect the viewer optically with the illusion of shapes moving and receding. Colour theory is very important to my work. I use specific hues to symbolise ideas or emotions. The contained shapes on canvases seem more like objects than lines. My recent work explores natural and man-made disasters and the impact this has on our environment. I want to record the changing landscape through simplified shapes and colours.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Drawing I

This is my first piece; it comprises of 18 drawings of similarly sized forms.  It appears to create an almost alphabet of my visual language; a form of iconography.  The forms are taken from satellite imagery of the Faeroe Islands.  I have changed the scale and essentially the contours to meet my own demands.  I have drawn them in a specific manner to make them appear 3D, like floating forms which are ordered and regimented.  I want to cataloge my forms and have begun recording and documenting my shapes.  I haven't begun to think of titles for my pieces, therefore this drawing (as a collective) is as above.

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