Jennifer Letchet Paintings

My work explores fundamental elements of painting, the relationship between colour and line. I intend my paintings to affect the viewer optically with the illusion of shapes moving and receding. Colour theory is very important to my work. I use specific hues to symbolise ideas or emotions. The contained shapes on canvases seem more like objects than lines. My recent work explores natural and man-made disasters and the impact this has on our environment. I want to record the changing landscape through simplified shapes and colours.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

'Transnacionala; a Journey from the East to the West'

Eda Cufer wrote an interesting insight into the relationship between the institutions and art, "This is not a regret but a realisation that - without a system of institutions which by definition represents the field of contemporary art - there is no broader intellectual production; without a broader intellectual and creative production there are no differences; without differences there is no hierarchy of values; without a hierarchy of values there is no critical reflection; without critical reflection there is no theory; and without theory there is no universally-understood referential language, capable of communicating on an equal footing with other referential languages in other places and times of the existing world". Page 142, 'Participation: Documents of Contemporary Art'

Working Journal

I'm currently in my third week of my MA at CCW, University of the Arts London. I am going to be more proactive with my blog and use it as my working journal. At the moment, I am looking for a new direction with my work; I am trying to work out the relationship between my imagery and the formal content.

I have been doing a lot of drawing in the last couple of weeks, which is unusual for me; creating a bank of source imagery for satelite images and maps. I want to look at my shapes in the context of iconography. I had a tutorial today with Mark Fairnington who had a fresh look on my work; in terms of pattern.

So far, my aim is clear; to paint and produce works on a bigger scale which will engulf the viewer. I want to create intimate collections and look into the visual difference between both formats. I also want to start cataloging my shapes to form a dictionary almost; a sort of bible for my visual language.